HAMNET Emergency Communications  
         A division of the South African Radio League


HAMNET Emergency Communications

Need help with the new HAMNET Members Portal.

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In order to secure your data you will be directed to secure webpages (using HTTPS://) and you may see messages stating there are errors with the webpage certificate. This is normal as the Certificate Error or CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID messages are displayed as this server is using the servers self signed certificate and not a purchased certificate.

Different browsers and different devices show different errors and all have different links to continue. e.g. you may have to click on "Add Exception" or "Continue to this webpage (not recommended)" or "Advanced" to contine to the next page.

Please click on "Add Exception" or "Continue to this webpage (not recommended)" or "Advanced" or any other link that allows you to continue to the relevant webpages.

Users have 2 options if they find the certificate pages annoying. (1.) Add the certificate to the certificate store or (2.) use the Non-Secure Logon option.

Users who have any difficulties with this website may contact the HAMNET Members Portal Webmaster on whatsapp using 0828592684 or via email portalwebmaster. Skype users may also contact me using domainsolutions or support@domainsolutions.co.za 

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